Simferopol International Airport (SIP)

City Simferopol, country Ukraine (UA)


FAA code
Europe/Kiev (GMT+2)
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Simferopol International Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 61 locations you can fly from Simferopol International Airport

City Destination IATA
Anapa (Russian Federation) Anapa Airport AAQ
Adler/Sochi (Russian Federation) Sochi International Airport AER
Arkhangelsk (Russian Federation) Talagi Airport ARH
Astrakhan (Russian Federation) Astrakhan Airport ASF
Barnaul (Russian Federation) Barnaul Airport BAX
Bryansk (Russian Federation) Bryansk International Airport BZK
Cherepovets (Russian Federation) Cherepovets Airport CEE
Chelyabinsk (Russian Federation) Chelyabinsk International Airport CEK
Cheboksary (Russian Federation) Cheboksary Airport CSY
Moscow (Russian Federation) Moscow Domodedovo Airport DME
Belgorod (Russian Federation) Belgorod Airport EGO
Beloyarsky (Russian Federation) Beloyarsky Airport EYK
Nizhniy Novgorod (Russian Federation) Nizhny Novgorod International Airport GOJ
Groznyy (Russian Federation) Groznyy Airport GRV
Khanty-Mansiysk (Russian Federation) Khanty-Mansiysk Airport HMA
Yaroslavl (Russian Federation) Tunoshna Airport IAR
Izhevsk (Russian Federation) Izhevsk Airport IJK
Irkutsk (Russian Federation) Irkutsk International Airport IKT
Ivanovo (Russian Federation) Ivanovo Yuzhny Airport IWA
Kemerovo (Russian Federation) Kemerovo Airport KEJ
Khabarovsk (Russian Federation) Khabarovsk Airport KHV
Krasnojarsk (Russian Federation) Yemelyanovo Airport KJA
Kaluga (Russian Federation) Grabtsevo Airport KLF
Kurgan (Russian Federation) Kurgan Airport KRO
Krasnodar (Russian Federation) Krasnodar International Airport KRR
Samara (Russian Federation) Kurumoch International Airport KUF
Kirov (Russian Federation) Kirov Airport KVX
Kazan (Russian Federation) Kazan International Airport KZN
Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) Pulkovo Airport LED
Lipetsk (Russian Federation) Lipetsk Airport LPK
Murmansk (Russian Federation) Murmansk Airport MMK
Mineralnye Vody (Russian Federation) Mineralnye Vody Airport MRV
Nalchik (Russian Federation) Nalchik Airport NAL
Naberezhnye Chelny (Russian Federation) Begishevo Airport NBC
Nizhnevartovsk (Russian Federation) Nizhnevartovsk Airport NJC
Novyj Urengoj (Russian Federation) Novy Urengoy Airport NUX
Nadym (Russian Federation) Nadym Airport NYM
Omsk (Russian Federation) Omsk Airport OMS
Orsk (Russian Federation) Orsk Airport OSW
Novosibirsk (Russian Federation) Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport OVB
Sovetsky (Russian Federation) Sovetsky Airport OVS
Perm (Russian Federation) Perm International Airport PEE
Penza (Russian Federation) Penza Airport PEZ
Pskov (Russian Federation) Pskov Airport PKV
Orenburg (Russian Federation) Orenburg Airport REN
Rostov (Russian Federation) Platov International Airport ROV
Saratov (Russian Federation) Saratov Airport RTW
Syktyvkar (Russian Federation) Syktyvkar Airport SCW
Surgut (Russian Federation) Surgut Airport SGC
Salekhard (Russian Federation) Salekhard Airport SLY
Moscow (Russian Federation) Sheremetyevo International Airport SVO
Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation) Koltsovo International Airport SVX
Tyumen (Russian Federation) Roshchino International Airport TJM
Tomsk (Russian Federation) Tomsk Bogashevo Airport TOF
Ufa (Russian Federation) Ufa International Airport UFA
Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation) Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport ULY
Kursk (Russian Federation) Kursk Vostochny Airport URS
Moscow (Russian Federation) Vnukovo Airport VKO
Volgograd (Russian Federation) Volgograd International Airport VOG
Voronezh (Russian Federation) Voronezh Airport VOZ
Zhukovsky (Russian Federation) Zhukovsky International Airport ZIA

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